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Welcome to Versatile K9 Training academy - Dog Training School

Scott VanDenHaute - Owner/Behaviorist/Head Trainer

Scott was trained directly under Linn Boyke, a former apprentice to Cesar Millan, NGC's "The Dog Whisperer," at the Zen4K9s School of Dog Psychology. Scott walked away with a profound hands-on knowledge of dog behavior/psychology, body language and gained additional invaluable experience working with severe issue dogs of all breeds and sizes. Most importantly, Scott returned with the answer to every dog training question, and how to teach his clients to apply the answer to create or restore a healthy balance to their own relationships with their dogs and humans!

Scott has also trained with Robin MacFarlane at That's My Dog! in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Scott left That's My Dog! with an understanding of how to establish a unique, reliable and extremely effective form of communication between dog and human. Other formal training included an apprenticeship with a "Master Trainer" from the National K9 School in Columbus, Ohio.

Scott has worked with dogs most of his life, having owned two Golden Retrievers, a Labrador Retriever and now his current dogs: Miah, Newman and Kramer. After graduating from John Carroll University, Scott moved to Hawaii. It was here that Scott's formal dog training career began when he joined a local Schutzhund club. Just hanging out with fellow club members was enough to peak Scott's interest into this amazing sport and get further involved in the world of dogs. After spending time learning more about the sport, Scott purchased his own dog and then brought "Miah" to a practice and she enjoyed it as much as he did! Scott and Miah had a lot of fun competing and practicing during their Schutzhund career, but Scott was more fascinated with the training of dogs and improving relationships more than competing. Scott continued training dogs outside of the club and began helping local neighbors and friends with their "dog issues." Years later, when time came to head back to Ohio, Scott decided to "formally" create a business upon his return...Versatile K9 Training Academy LLC. Scott was always left in awe with the true "versatility" that our canine friends possess and the name is a sign of respect for this remarkable quality.

Scott and his staff have been trained by the industry's best. Now it is our turn to put our education and experience to work for you. There is no "magic wand" to dog training. Anyone who attempts to sell you one is wasting both your time and money. We will show you everything you will ever need to know in order to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a well-balanced dog. The rest is up to you. We cannot "follow through" for you on a daily basis, so it is important that you be committed to making the changes you desire to happen, as these changes will not just happen for you. We are always willing to work with those who desire to better their lives and the lives of their dogs.

Just remember...PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT, not perfect. So let us help you practice the right way and help mold you into a true pack leader who will provide the stability and structure that your dog is so desperately yearning for.

Scott is a fully insured behaviorist/trainer in the Northeast Ohio area and is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Scott and his dog "Newman" are a registered Delta Society approved Therapy Dog team and volunteer at local hospitals and medical centers. Scott also volunteers time with "Love-A-Stray" and "Golden Treasures" rescue groups, helping to make sure good dogs stay in good homes. Scott hosts seminars/workshops for Veterinarians, Veterinary Colleges, Rescue Groups and Animal Control Officers to help educate both people and their dogs. If you are interested in having Scott present to your group, please contact him at Scott is an official AKC approved "Canine Good Citizen" Evaluator #39479.


Useful Links:
International Association of K9 Professionals (IACP)

The IACP is a tremendous resource for trainers, breeders, groomers and any one working in the dog world. There are always educational newsletters and postings on this site that make it a worthwhile place to visit.

Zen4K9s School of Dog Psychology
Linn Boyke is the owner/director of this School of Dog Psychology and training/boarding facility. Learning directly from Cesar Millan himself, Linn has taken Cesar's methods and added his own twist to create a very balanced an effective way to communicate with dogs. Linn is filled with years of knowledge and experience, both in dealing with dogs and people alike. His school is very intense, but also an extremely worthwhile investment.

Cesar Millan - NGC's "Dog Whisperer"
How could I preach all this "pack mentality" and "leadership" stuff without giving credit to the "Dog Whisperer" himself? Cesar Millan's website contains mountains of very useful information in dealing with issues you may be having with your dog. If you can't seem to be putting this info into action yourself, well, that's why I'm here! After all, I was trained directly by one of only three apprentices to Cesar himself!

Thats My Dog!
Robin MacFarlane and her staff are a great group of people out there in Hazel Green, WI. If you are looking to become more educated in using the remote collar as a training device, I can't think of a better place to go! You'll also pick up some great ideas on how to relate to your clients and put your business on the map.

Dogtra Remote Training Systems
Dogtra Remote Training Systems have been extremely reliable and I've found Dogtra's customer service and eagerness to make a more user-friendly product to be top-notch. I do not recommend using a Dogtra or any remote training system without the proper instruction by an experienced trainer! And I say this not for my personal benefit, but for the benefit of YOUR dog!

Tri-Tronics Electronic Dog Training Products
Tri-Tronics has been manufacturing top of the line remote collar systems since the 60's and continues to be a leader in its field today. Their product line is well-constructed, reliable and provides a consistent form of communication to your dog. As with any remote collar, I do not recommend using a Tri-Tronics or any remote training system without the proper instruction by an experienced trainer! And I say this not for my personal benefit, but for the benefit of YOUR dog!

Natural Foundation Diet (by Jack & Wendy Volhard)
There is not a healthier, more balanced diet on the market today than the Natural Foundation Diet (NDF) by Wendy Volhard. Wendy's 30+ years of experience with dogs and nutrition is demonstrated with the creation of's simply everything your dog needs and more! I personally use the NDF2, which is a dehydrated "raw" diet (but really fast and really easy to make!). Just add water and a protein source and your done! This is could be the best thing I've ever done for my dogs health in general. I HIGHLY recommend this quality's worth it and your dog would thank you for it they could!

Love-A-Stray Rescue
This is a great organization who works tirelessly to find a good, structure providing, caring home for each of its pets. If you are looking for a dog or have a dog that you can no longer care for, contact Love-A-Stray for more information. I currently volunteer here, helping to place good dogs in good homes! This is the rescue to research if you are in the market for a dog because they truly understand Exercise, Discipline and Affection!

Canine Instincts

If you are looking for a dog trainer in the Texas (San Antonio) area, I highly recommend Carlos Jech and his staff at Canine Instinct. They are very knowledgable and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure both dog and owner are properly trained. Carlos' philosophies are similar to ours here at VK9TA in that he aims to improve the quality of life of both dog and owner. Great company that's doing great things down in Texas!

Granger Veterinary Hospital (330) 239-4447
Dr. Tongish and his staff at Granger Vet are some of the nicest, caring folks I've ever met and have the experience and knowledge that I trust to care for my own dogs. They always take the time to explain everything to me when I stop in for a visit, making sure every last question I have is answered to my satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend this facility to anyone looking for a caregiver that truly cares for your pet's well being.

Fox 8 Cleveland

This station's dedication to helping animals in need is unsurpassed. Their compassion and care for animals is shown daily with programs such as broadcasting animal adoption information as well as continued support and coverage of animal awareness issues and events. Fox 8 cares for Clevelands animals and VK9TA supports and thanks them for their contribution to improving the quality of life for our local animal friends!

American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club is a very informative site from anything to learning more about a particular breed of dog to help in finding a quality breeder...and LOTS more!  The AKC offers all breeds (mixed included) a chance to be awarded the title of "Canine Good Citizen" by passing their 10 point exam.  If interested, please search "CGC" on their website.  I am an approved evaluator for this test and will hold testing dates throughout the year that will be posted on my site.

Medina Veterinary Clinic (330) 722-0041
Drs. Parker and Sternecker and staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional when caring for your pet. I have personally taken my own dog Miah in for a consultation on knee repair and received first class treatment and an honest, thoroughly explained recommendation, which I greatly appreciated. Medina Vet Clinic is a great choice in providing top notch care for the animals you love.

On The Ball K9 Training
Summer is a good friend and great trainer now located in the Texas area. Summer has similar training as I, having worked both with Robin MacFarlane at That's My Dog, Inc as well as Linn Boyke at Zen4K9s shadow program. Summer is located in the Dallas, TX area and can surely help get you and your dog on the right track!

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