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Welcome to Versatile K9 Training academy - Dog Training School


VK9TA's boarding facility is not a "doggy day spa," in that we focus less on "over-pampering" our dogs with human accessories and more on providing your family member with a healthy, exercise-filled predictable pattern to maintain the structure that a well-balanced dog needs. When your dog is here, they become part of our "pack," so reinforcement of exercise, discipline and affection will be given to them on a daily basis, just as we do with our own dogs! Your dog will have the advantage of trained professionals monitoring socialization periods, walks, play, etc. to ensure your dog does not practice any unwanted behaviors during their stay. Remember, PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT! VK9TA prides itself on giving a dog what it needs during it's time with us...which is the freedom to just be a dog!

Our full-service boarding includes:

  • 2300 sq. ft. indoor kennel/socialization area (sanitized daily)
  • Supervised group socialization, NO extra charge for special needs, medications and/or special diets, Minimum 1 hour of STRUCTURED exercise daily including pack walks and *treadmill sessions. Additional exercise/potty breaks several times per day.
  • Dogs maintain their "at home" eating schedule according to owner's special feeding instructions to ease the transition to their new temporary "home"
  • Multiple veterinary facilities located within 3 miles of VK9TA's facility (in case of emergency)
  • 24 hour on-site supervision

*A treadmill is onsite for dogs who are already trained to use this machine. If you'd like us to train your dog to use a treadmill, we can do this at an additional cost. Cost includes demonstration/hand off lesson for owner upon dog's departure date. Dogs that are not previously trained to use a treadmill by owners will not be permitted to use this machine unless training package is purchased at time of boarding. We also train dogs to walk on a treadmill outside of boarding setting.

We welcome you to visit our facility! If interested in planning a visit or for more information on our boarding/training programs, please call (440) 638-4639.

To ensure the cleanliness of our facilities and health of your dog, VK9TA requires the following for all dogs staying at our facility:

  • Proof of all required vaccinations --- A) Distemper B) Bordatella C) Rabies (dog must have current Rabies tag on collar). You or your veterinarian must fax records to VK9TA PRIOR to your dogs arrival. Please send fax to (440) 638-4639. For the health/safety of our dogs and others boarding with us, your vet MUST notate that your dog has been screened and is safe to board in a kennel facility before VK9TA will accept your dog for boarding.
  • Dog must be free of fleas and other parasites, both internal and external. You will be financially responsible if your dog infects/infests any other dogs at VK9TA or our facility.
  • Dog must be current on a heart worm and flea preventative (Sentinel and Interceptor only are accepted - no other forms will be accepted*). Vet records must show that dog has had a fecal exam within 1 year.
  • You must alert VK9TA staff if your dog is intact BEFORE boarding. Due to both sanitary reasons as well as potential danger, VK9TA WILL NOT accept any female intact dog that is in season. Please be sure your dog will not enter into heat cycle during its stay.
  • Sufficient amount of dog's food placed in INDIVIDUAL ZIPLOCK BAGS for each feeding with YOUR DOG'S NAME WRITTEN ON EACH BAG. Example: If your dog eats 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night and is staying with us for 2 days, you would need 4 ziplock sealed bags, each filled with two cups worth of food (8 cups total). Please DO NOT put food in plastic bags and tie them. Sealing is for freshness and cleanliness of our facility. Please bring any other food/supplements your dog may be eating along with instruction.
  • If dog is not a chewer, you may wish to provide a bed or blanket for bedtime. For older dogs, it is recommended that you bring both a bed and a blanket.
  • Dog must enter and exit facility on leash with collar and proper identification tags
  • Limit toys, bones, etc., to a minimum. One or two of each will do just fine. No rawhide chews, rope toys, stuffed animals or any toys/chews that are smaller than a tennis ball (unless you have a very small dog). VK9TA furnishes Kong® toys for all dogs and provides appropriate toys for playtime.
  • Do not bring kennels, dishes or anything that is not listed above
  • Dogs with severe separation anxiety issues (destruction of property/bodily harm) may be requested to first undergo evaluation by VK9TA staff before being accepted into boarding.
* Call Versatile K-9 Training Academy with questions or concerns at 440-638-4639
Versatile K9 Training HomepageAbout Versatile K9 Training AcademyOur PhilosophyBehaviorist Versus TrainerProgramsPack Payback ProgramK9 KashTestimonialsContact Vesatile K9