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"It is wonderful to finally have the dogs that people look at and say how they wish their dogs were as well behaved as mine."

"Thank you so much! Maximus is doing great! We are so pleased!" — Jim & Diana W.

"We are very happy with the work you began with the shepherds; we will continue to work with what you began...I hope! :~)"

"I took Kane on our 45 minute walk this morning. I'm already beginning to see progress, as a result of our first lesson yesterday. I used the lead you gave me, and implemented the lesson. Outstanding." — George K.

"Overall, things are getting better. We still have work to do, especially with Duke's rock issues."

"Scott and Kaethe were both very informative and hands-on, which helped to understand what they were teaching. I was very, very pleased and we are implementing the techniques that were taught to us. Thank you for giving me my house back!!"

"We were really impressed with our training and are excited to do the work needed to make the right changes."

"Scott is amazing. When he entered our house one of our two dogs was barking continuously & the other jumping up on him. Within 2 minutes of Scott taking charge, both dogs were completely docile & quiet. AMAZING! He was very knowledgable, informative, and enjoyable to be with. We notice such a big difference in our dogs & also in ourselves as pack leaders. We already have recommended Scott to others with hopes that others will give their dogs & themselves the chance in life that they deserve. Thanks so much Scott for making our dogs lives & our own more fulfilling & complete. We couldn't have done it without you." — Bob & Michelle F.  Brunswick, OH

"We are grateful to Scott for all of the time he spent with our family educating us about leadership, creating a healthy, balanced dog/owner relationship, and ensuring that all of our questions were answered. Scott's accessibility and continued willingness to provide guidance and support to ensure we become successful pack leaders is invaluable, and greatly appreciated." — Bruce B., Strongsville OH

"I was impressed with Scott, his knowledge, and ability to get with the owner's perceptions, as well as to analyze the individual dog's behavior and human-canine interaction." — Joan W. Riverside, CA

"I have to say that Scott was really great in helping me work with Ullr, who continues to have so much trouble with dog/dog aggression. Scott was patient with us and gave lots of time to me and my worries in our private lesson. Thanks Scott!" — Kira M.  Redlands, CA

"Thanks for all your help. It was amazing watching you with Freya, and how she responded to you. I am working hard with the words you told me, and the actions that you showed me. I know it takes time and that's what I have to remember. It was really great meeting you. You are a great person, and an awesome dog trainer." — Kimmie & Brandon  Riverside, CA

"I will recommend you to everyone I know who has dogs...if I hadn't experienced it for myself I would never believe such simple changes in my behavior would cause such drastic changes in my dogs' behavior. I've been recommending your services to everyone I know that has dogs...Oz was the poster child for incorrigible, now he's (almost) an angel." — Janice B. Ravenna, OH

"I'm happy I can email if I have a question like I just did Thanks"

"Thanks so much - well worth our money!"

"Thank you for all of your help with Grizz...he is a changed man (and now the most obedient dog in this house)!" — Kristi M. Strongsville OH

"The training was very informative and beneficial in helping us understand the importance of being the "pack leader". It taught us a whole new way of thinking and understanding in what it takes to be a responsible dog owner. The continual support after the initial training is wonderful"

"Clearly the best money I have ever spent, the most life altering and enhancing experience - I am so grateful! My dogs mean everything to me! Thank you so much" — Lisa M. North Royalton, OH

"Scott is excellent! I never feel that I am asking too many questions or that additional phone calls are a nuisance. He always seems to have time to listen."

"We couldn't have asked for anything better. He exercised complete and total professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend VK9TA to anybody interested."

"The information was well accepted by the ACO group and i have personally recommended the training program. We enjoyed your presentation and would like to do a follow up for next year." —Judy B. Independence Animal Control Officer

"Scott, you are the best!!!"

"You have a genuine talent and your work shows you absolutely love what you do! Thanks for everything." — Judy M. Avon Lake, OH

"The change in my dog was instantaneous, and working with my new pups is easier and more natural for the whole pack - Scott is a genius! Thanks for making my life easier!" — Gail R. North Royalton, OH

"We are amazed and grateful to Scott for teaching how to affectively communicate with our dogs. He has a true talent and connection with our "furry" family members. Thank You Scott we think the world of you." —- Samo & Angel M. Medina, OH

"I appreciate that I am able to call/e-mail at anytime and get a quick response back. Scott never makes you feel like you are bothering him. The money that I spent training with Scott was worth it. The training and learning never stops."

"We have seen a wonderful difference in our once vicious Chihuahua!!!"

"While we were interested in focusing on aggressive behavior toward other animals, Scott gave us other techniques (like how to own the front door when visitors arrive) that have been very helpful. It was an awesome experience and I wish we'd found him years ago! Thanks."

"I was more than pleased with VK9TA!! Scott is very talented, knowledgeable and VERY professional. The training we received for our dogs was much more than I expected and was truly a god sent in once impossible and unthinkable situation!! THANK YOU!"

"I was skeptical initially because we have had so many trainers that could not provide us with a formula for success. We are willing to put in the work but we couldn't find a trainer who could tell us what steps to take to correct the problem. I was highly impressed with Scott and would recommend him to everyone. He was very knowledgeable and I saw results while he was still at the house. For the first time in a long time, I have hope that I can help my dog overcome his problems with visitors in our home because now I know what I'm doing wrong. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!!"

"Yesterday I was able to walk all three dogs separately- and they did beautifully. I almost cried from joy. Thank you, Scott." — Ellen H.

"It was an excellent experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone, well anyone who has a dog of course! The concepts are clear, it's the constant focus of doing it that I can see will make the difference. The time Scott spent with me was valuable. The entire experience was clear, insightful, positive, and entirely directed at making the relationship with my dog the most rewarding it can be...with consistency of course."

"This was a wonderful experience!! Stautzenberger College will welcome Scott back anytime!!"

"The consultation was excellent. We were in desperate need to control our dogs aggressive behavior, it gave us hope for our dogs, helped us realize what the problems are and where they are coming from. Scott was amazing, dealing with both of our dogs at the same time (we always found it hard to train/discipline them when they are together) We couldn't believe our eyes when Oliver was walking next to Mia. I am also impressed with the follow up call the next day and how Scott will be there for us in the future if need be. We are happy we went with the company and have already recommended you to friends. Thanks for teaching us and bringing Mia over :)" — Chris and Alison E.

"I can't think of one thing I would change or improve on...what you did in three hours was like a miracle!!! We can actually walk the dogs now and not feel like we don't have control! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!"

"Scott is a true professional at animal training. We look forward to working with him further."

"Scott did an excellent job at making me feel comfortable with the training and what i need to continue with my little pack!!"

"Actually I was very surprised at how well the dogs paid attention and responded to Scott. We have not followed thru on all the training but will continue working with the dogs especially when someone comes to the door. It's a little hard working with both dogs at the same time. All in all our experience was great!"

"Excellent consultation! Scott was wonderful! Only a week and have noticed a huge difference in all three dogs!"

"Exceeded our expectations! Clearly addressed changes that both WE and our dog need to make and how to do that. Excellent and look forward to more sessions!!" — John T.

" would like to express my satisfaction with the training to anyone wishing to improve their dogs obedience, aggression etc.. The information and training was very helpful and has already made a big change in my dog. There will be a long road ahead and a lot of work that needs to be done but all well worth it."

"I can't think of one thing I would change or improve on...what you did in three hours was like a miracle!!! We can actually walk the dogs now and not feel like we don't have control! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!"

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